In the process of plastic cards production we apply following print techniques:

• Traditional offset – used in printing in full CMYK spectrum of colours, Pantone spectrum of colours, used mainly in production of average and considerable editions of cards.

• Digital offset (INDYGO) – used in printing of projects in full CMYK spectrum of colours in production of small editions.

• Silk-screen printing – used in printing simple projects in small editions and to overprint metallic colours.

• The connection of mentioned techniques in various configurations (e.g. Offset overprint on metallic base done in silk-screen printing).

Technical parameters of the cards produced by our company: • Material – the cards are made according to ISO standard 7810 and 7811 from PVC foil and PTG • Card dimensions – 85mm x 54mm (ISO standard) • Card thickness – 0.76mm (ISO standard); 0.56; 0.46; 0.36; processor cards (smart cards) from 0.82 – 0.84mm (ISO standard for smart cards).